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At GoLive Tampa Bay, we have been professional content creators for going on 3 years now. Through thousands and thousands of pieces of content, we have learned the ins and outs and the dos and don’ts of content creation for our clients. Data analytics and the importance of leveraging the information and POWER of data through the content creation process is not to be overlooked.

Below you will find a few of our local content creation services. Our content creation studio is located in Downtown New Port Richey right off of Main Street! From green screen videos, to professional headshot photography services, our professional content creators are here to help you every step of the way! 

Video based seo content price packaged

Let’s face it: Google isn’t the most transparent data and business partner. So we have to remain diligent when it comes to our self awareness of what is trending in the algorithms and what is not. Adding video to your SEO content creation will boost the organic traffic from 10% to 250% depending the quality of the content as well as how closely it aligns with what Google’s search engine algorithm is prioritizing at that time. 

Traditional agencies make you purchase video production services and SEO content creation services separately, causing the cost to be outside of some business owners’ comfort level and marketing budget. That is why GoLive Tampa Bay has worked hard to develop a custom video based SEO content creation service that appeals to the small business owner! Check out our video based SEO content plans for local businesses that won’t break the bank! Then reach out to our professional content creators standing by to help you today!  

$9.96 / Day
Get Started
$ 299 + 5% Studio Processing
  • Monthly GMB Optimization + Listings Management
  • 1 Google My Business Optimized Post per Month
  • One 500 Word Quarterly Article Posted to Website
  • 1 Quarterly Video Backlink from Youtube
  • Stock or User Submitted Footage
  • Quarterly SEO Reporting
$19.96 / Day
Grow Your Business
$ 599 + 5% Studio Processing
  • Monthly GMB Optimization + Listings Management
  • 2 Google My Business Optimized Posts per Month
  • One 750 word article Or 2 350 word articles posted to website
  • 2 Quarterly Video Backlinks from Youtube
  • 1 digital media shoot included per quarter for video clips and image updates (min 2 hours, max 4 hours shoot time)
  • Quarterly SEO Reporting
  • Track 1 Competitor
Lead the Pack
$ 799 + 5% Studio Processing
  • Monthly GMB Optimization + Listings Management
  • 3 Google My Business Optimized Posts per Month
  • One 1000 word article Or 2 500 word articles posted to website
  • 3 Quarterly Video Backlinks from Youtube
  • 1 digital media shoot included per quarter for video clips and image updates (min 4 hours, max 6 hours shoot time)
  • Quarterly SEO Reporting
  • Track Up to 2 Competitors
  • 3 quarterly backlinks from high domain authority website
  • 3 quarterly guest blog posts
Dominate the Competition
$ 999 + 5% Studio Processing
  • Monthly GMB Optimization + Listings Management
  • 4 Google My Business Optimized Posts per Month
  • One 1500 word article Or 3 500 word articles posted to website
  • 4 Quarterly Video Backlinks from Youtube
  • 1 digital media shoot included per quarter for video clips and image updates (min 4 hours, max 8 hours shoot time)
  • Quarterly SEO Reporting
  • Track Up to 3 Competitors
  • 5+ quarterly backlinks from high domain authority website
  • 5+ quarterly guest blog posts

content creation process

Over the years we have served countless clients across dozens of niches for content creation. Through those years our creative agency has developed a custom 3 step content creation process. Read about our 3 step process below that insures you receive a custom video based piece of content for your product, brand, or service based business! 


Our professional content creators work with you to discover the inspiration and vision of the project.


After our content creators discover the vision, we move to production and have fun creating next level content together!


Once we wrap up the content creation, you receive a high level piece of custom content! 

content creation FAQ

The difference between stagnant content and video based content is performance in terms of engagement and viewership retention, in a nutshell. Video based SEO content ranks higher than standard SEO content that does not include video. On average video content ranks 60% higher from what we have measured.

It is important to include relevant images and high quality video on the SEO content pages you produce, along with strategic backlinks that give your page power in two ways: One is for the benefit of signaling Google’s search algorithms, and two is for the viewer who is consuming the content! Professional video that tells a clear story and conveys a deliberate message is the way to go with SEO! 

SEO content is a foundational pillar to any business marketing plan. It doesn’t matter if you are a local small business or a national conglomerate. Of course the scale and content distribution for a local brand will be much smaller, more locally driven, and have a lower distribution rate than an enterprise corporation. However SEO content is one of the most important parts of a local small business online marketing strategy! 

Yes, you can do SEO alone. We always advise that you watch how-to videos and consult with industry professionals that offer 100% free SEO consulting for small businesses. 

In fact, we are so confident that you will end up buying our services one day when your start up business grows into an established business! Our agency offers 100% free SEO content creation consulting for local start up businesses that qualify! Contact our SEO content creation offices located in Downtown New Port Richey to set up your first free consultation. 

Search engine optimization or SEO is the process of establishing and continually improving your website rankings and traffic by performing a number of SEO tactics to land you at the top of organic (non-paid) search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.


It’s important when you are getting started to implement an annual SEO strategy and manage your business listings aggressively along with all of the SEO tactics we mention.

SEO is a challenging process that takes time and dedication to understand, but you absolutely have to incorporate these strategies if you want your business to succeed, especially if you are a small local business.

Backlinks are a necessary recurring investment in any successful digital business model today.

A healthy SEO strategy includes at least one fresh monthly blog post, one monthly off-site guest post, and backlink generation for each.

Our local video production studio is conveniently located in Downtown New Port Richey at 5745 Main St, Suite 203, New Port Richey Florida, 34652. 

Our office hours are Monday through Friday 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. We are available via Zoom or to meet at our local studio. 

All of our SEO content plans come with travel for the media shoot days up to 50 miles away from our offices located in New Port Richey. Anything over 50 miles will be discussed with your SEO project manager. 

we are a 5 star rated creative agency!

Zackary Kulch
Zackary Kulch
Everything about the experience working with GoLive Tampa Bay was 5 star. They figure out your wants and needs and bring it to life!
Isabel Walter
Isabel Walter
My experience working with Go Live Tampa Bay was fantastic! Justin and Ren were such a pleasure to work with. I am not used to being in front of a camera or doing voice over work but they made it so easy and comfortable. They were both very professional while still making the whole process a fun experience! Ren did a great job directing our group to make sure that everything in the video looked good and flowed smoothly. Justin had great energy and gave good pointers throughout the shoot as well. I look forward to working with this team in the future!
Darby McFarland
Darby McFarland
We were nervous to take the step toward the digital marketing world simply because we have no experience and it’s a learning curve. But as a new business owner, it’s imperative to have a knowledgeable team by your side to explain things in a simple way and that’s what we have found in Justin and his team. Justin helped us with a step-by-step plan of action without making me feel overwhelmed and answers all our off-the-wall questions quickly. I look forward to continued development of this relationship!
Emily Dowell
Emily Dowell
I went from giving up hope that I was going to have a videographer for my wedding to being so blessed with a really great one! Justin reached out to me personally. He was so flexible and over all just GREAT customer service! The day of my wedding they knew exactly what they were doing and I didn’t have to worry about them at all. The results of the wedding video are beautiful and better then I thought I would have ever gotten! Thank you guys for your hard work and this blessing!!
Cristiano Dawson
Cristiano Dawson
I was skeptical about my bride who wanted a videographer for our wedding. Everyone we found was over our budget. It just didn’t seem worth it to me. Go Live Tampa Bay reached out to her and showed great care for our situation and customer service. I am extremely glad she decided to hire them to do our wedding video. They are very professional and hard working. Our video is beautiful and now we can enjoy it for the rest of our lives!
Maureen Millner
Maureen Millner
Jason and his partner did an amazing job taking videos the day of my daughter's wedding. They caught moments that I had missed and now we have it forever. I would highly recommend GoLive Tampa Bay to anyone looking for affordable quality work.Thank you Justin for everything!!!
Ericka Daniels
Ericka Daniels
This company was a God sent ! Justin and his crew was wonderful throughout my son and daughter-in-law wedding.! They were professional, friendly, patient and just darn perfect as you can get! They helped us capture our precious memories! They treated us like family on my son’s wedding day. I highly recommend this business to anyone. I am ever so grateful to have picked Go live Tampa Bay to be our photographer/videographer! Thank you very much for all you do!! Mrs. E.Daniels
I had the pleasure of working with go live as a Director of photography and video editor. The shoots I’ve done for them were fun and I was given freedom to get the shots I felt were best. Also I was always paid correctly and on time! Which as a freelancer is probably one of the hardest things to make happen!

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