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At GoLive Tampa Bay we have a passion for producing professional food media and shooting restaurant content. Our creative team has spent years filming and documenting restaurant dishes and food based content across the nation, from Vegas to New York. 

Through the years of shooting brick-and-mortar restaurants, food trucks, ghost kitchens, specialty food artisans, bakeries, coffee shops, and other food concepts, we have developed a keen sense of what makes a food photo “craveable”. 

The amount of value and importance you place in creating an engaging food culture through your social media and marketing channels, as well as your visual menu, will make the difference as to whether a potential viewer will  become a follower, and whether that follower will become a devoted customer.

Choose to invest in the future of your food business with high quality media produced by our experienced creative team at GoLive Tampa Bay. Check out our 2022Food Photography Reel, Food + Product Photography Price Packages, and Restaurant Image Gallery below!

food + PRoduct photography price packages

If you’re a restaurant manager, a food truck owner, a specialty food producer, or a private chef, there is no better way to get seen by new potential customers than with high quality, accurate, mouth-watering pictures of your food or product! In fact, updating your food picture catalogue each season to highlight or feature your upcoming limited time offers will also give your current customer base an irresistible reason to return. 

Yes, caring about your food photos is crucial if you want to generate a higher customer lifetime value, continue growing your restaurant sales, and make a lasting impression as an engaging food brand. GoLive Tampa Bay is here to help you achieve all of the above with our food and product photography services.


food + product photography package 1
$ 499 + 5% Studio Processing
  • Pre-shoot Consultation
  • Up to 25 Menu Items
  • 2 Team Photos
  • 3 Hour Shoot Time
  • Professional Editing
  • Professional Lighting
  • High-Res Digital Copies
  • White/Black Backdrop
food + product photography package 2
$ 799 + 5% Studio Processing
  • Pre-shoot Consultation
  • Up to 50 Menu Items
  • 5 Team + Location Photos
  • 5 Hour Shoot Time
  • Professional Editing
  • Professional Lighting
  • High-Res Digital Copies
  • White/Black Backdrop
food + product photography package 3
$ 999 + 5% Studio Processing
  • Pre-shoot Consultation
  • Up to 75 Menu Items
  • 10 Team + Location Photos
  • 7 Hours Shoot Time
  • Professional Editing
  • Professional Lighting
  • High-Res Digital Copies
  • White/Black Backdrop
food + product photography package 4
$ 1499 + 5% Studio Processing
  • Pre-shoot Consultation
  • 100+ Menu Items
  • 15 Team + Location Photos
  • 8 Hours Shoot Time
  • Professional Editing
  • Professional Lighting
  • High-Res Digital Copies
  • White/Black Backdrop
  • Green Screen

our creative process

Over the years we have documented countless food photos on site at small as well as high volume restaurants, so we have a precise process built around what has worked best for us and our restaurant clients to ensure a successful food shoot.

One of the biggest factors in taking amazing photos of food is making sure the photo shoot and production team do not impede upon the flow of business or service. While in some cases, a client will specifically want to shoot their restaurant during closing hours, we actually recommend, and have a majority of our experience in running our photo shoots during working hours and doing so without impeding on service.


The process of shooting during business hours on a low volume day saves on costs for the restaurant owner, and we also suggest coordinating the shoot with a team meeting to update staff on new dishes, and have us capture the team photos simultaneously. 


Through these years of working on food content our 3 step creative process has been honed and perfected so we can deliver the best possible photos for your restaurant. From phase one to three you will be informed, know what is going on every step of the way, and will be met with a 5 star photography product at the end of the process. 


During our 30 minute discovery consultation, we will evaluate all the specific details of the deliverables such as what photos you need, which dishes to highlight, what style of art direction we will take, as well as scheduling the best time and location to hold the photo shoot.


When we execute the planned photo shoot, we will have one point of contact on your team that communicates with our Creative Director on set to coordinate the production. That designated POC will work with the CD to ensure the food is presented properly and aligns with the brand.


After shooting all the footage, we will upload all the files to our servers and begin the first stage of editing which is the “Editor’s Pick”. The editor then performs professional edits on each image and shares the final folder with the restaurant for approval. The entire editing process can take up to 30 days.

Food photography FAQ

At the very minimum you should catalog one shot of:

Every dish
Every drink
Every specialty ingredient
Every manager and team member
The storefront / facade
The interior seating / rooms (empty and seated)
The kitchen (empty and working)
The logo
The vehicle / truck
The daily events

However, if you really want to make your food content SING and be heard, your food photographer will know to compile a variety of angles, themes, and image compositions for all of the above.

A large library of food and restaurant branding photos allows you to optimize your content for social media marketing, email marketing, menus, websites, and more all year round with a little Photoshop editing knowledge and creative engineering.

In most cases we can deliver your food photos within 30 days. When the studio is in peak season it can take up to 8 weeks. However we typically we deliver the product with in 30 days! Please see Our Creative Process above for more details on the editing process. 

At GoLive Tampa Bay you have two options to pay for your media services: either in full, or 50% down upon booking the service and the remaining 50% on or before the day of the scheduled shoot. 

Our local video production studio is conveniently located in Downtown New Port Richey at 5745 Main St, Suite 203, New Port Richey Florida, 34652. 

Our office hours are Monday through Friday 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. We are available via Zoom or to meet at our local studio. 

All food photography packages include travel up to 100 miles from the studio. Anything over 100 miles will be discussed with your managing producer. 

At GoLive Tampa Bay we believe that drone footage adds a cinematic value to any video production, that is unrivaled by other camera angles.

Our Medium and Large Video and Photography packages both include drone footage. If the drone is safe to operate, then we will get the shots. If conditions do not allow for the drone to be safely operated then no, the drone footage will not be captured. 

Keep in mind that you will be expending at least one of every item on your menu and you will need staff on deck to dish everything, so there will be additional costs to you besides the photographer’s rate. The best way to make the best of this inevitable expense is to organize your shoot day at a time where your team or a local influencer can be present behind the scenes, generating social media buzz for your concept while enjoying promotional grub! You could even use it as a product knowledge class for your staff, to refresh them all on how every dish is made and enrich the culture of your brand.

Once the shoot begins, each menu item can take anywhere from 2 minutes to 20 minutes to capture the variations and angles needed. It’s crucial to cook the food as close to photo time as possible, and especially for cocktails and drinks to be presented right away.

we are a 5 star rated creative agency!

Based on 49 reviews
James Cargill
James Cargill
GoLive Tampa Bay did a fantastic job with my promo reel. They have a terrific process and delivered on every level. I had a specific vision and provided all of the footage for the project. I was surprised how quickly they turned around the first draft. It was a great collaboration and they offered great guidance and advice throughout the creative process. I highly recommend their services!
Mr Scott's Business
Mr Scott's Business
Justin and Ren are both excellent to work with! I love the statical approach to their projects and love the fact that they deep dive into the bigger picture of the project. They have laid out a plan and time of execution and I must mention their turn around time is excellent also. Looking for to doing more together
McKenna Humphries
McKenna Humphries
Took a video of my girlfriend paddle boarding on the Chaz! Beautiful work, very pleased with it!
Eric Fregger
Eric Fregger
Consistent with all of their responsibilities and a complete pleasure to work with. Top-notch with knowledge and solid experience allow for excellent end-results. Always a positive Team effort.
Christopher Flanders
Christopher Flanders
Excellent professionalism
raymond howe
raymond howe
WOW! Just wow! No words can describe how GREAT, AMAZING, FANTASTIC, GoLIve really is. Justin is really down to earth. I was very worried and expecting Paparazzi like in your face photography, however, you don't even notice they are there.. They blend In really well! Thank you for helping be apart of making and helping our memories last a lifetime.
Jenn Flanders
Jenn Flanders
Fantastic company to work with. I love collaborating with Justin and Ren to help me with my real estate videos. They have listened to my input while adding so much value with their knowledge and understanding. Fun and professional to work with.
Bradley Korynta
Bradley Korynta
Justin and his team were very accommodating and did fantastic work. I am very satisfied with everything GoLive has done and I would highly recommend them. We have preserved a beautiful day for all time.

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